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President's Message - January 2018
A new year is upon us, new beginnings, new chances, new discoveries.

As genealogists we have a habit of looking in the past, of searching out the old. Perhaps we need to take a look at that habit, and glance toward the future. Not just the new records sets that will be available, or new hardware or software, but the activities of family.

You often hear the lament of “if they would just have written that down” or “why are these pictures unlabeled”. Maybe it is time for each of us to become what we wished our ancestors were, better record and story keepers. Take a look at the events of this past month, generally a “family” time. Have you recorded any of the events that happened? Did you note who was in those photos you took and where they were taken? Did you document the changes in family relationships that occurred this year? If you did, did you preserve the evidence of the changes? What about those stories that were told by uncles, aunts, grandparents, did any one record them or write them down?

What about your family traditions, the meals, the Christmas plays, your handmade gifts? What about the special “issues” of the season, the refrigerator dying on Christmas Eve, the car taking its last breath on the way to grandma’s house? These are stories that our descendants will be looking back trying to find about their ancestors.

Leave the future a gift, record not just the past, but the present as well. After all, isn’t it all Family History?

Richard Young, FHSA President (2017-2018)
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