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Double Butte Cemetery
This is one of the oldest cemeteries in the Phoenix area. It is located in Tempe, Az. An entire burial list as well as burials listed by section are available here.

The Double Butte Cemetery project began in February 1995 and the reading concluded in June 1995. There were 35 volunteers involved in the project. The scope of this project was to physically record the headstone information in the cemetery; over 7,000 headstones were recorded, there were many unmarked graves. There are additional cemetery records available at the City of Tempe, Parks and Recreation Department, on the second floor of the Tempe Library, 3500 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ, 85282.

The Double Butte Cemetery is located at 2505 W. Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ, covering 17 acres. The cemetery is maintained by the City of Tempe. There are 29 sections in the cemetery, plus one for cremations. Section MG is the crematorium section and is to the southeast of the main cemetery. All sections are desert landscaped except for sections 16-23 which are grass landscaped. Many of the desert graves have a cactus planted on top which was a common practice earlier this century. Many graves have a concrete border or edging around the grave or a group of graves; these are sometimes referred to as cement ribbons. An abbreviation which we used to denote' multiple graves with one marker: A o/s and B o/s (o/s meaning "on same stone as").

This website is organized by sequence number within each section. Sequence numbers are in the order in which the headstones were read in each section thereby providing information as to whom was buried next to whom. In the section, look for the sequence number of the individual. If additional information was available, it was included in the comments and the source was noted.

Below is the list of the Double Butte Cemetery project committee members.  A big thank you goes to these volunteers for the time and hard work they gave to make this index available to genealogists and researchers.

Committee Members

Chairman,   Sharon Love Co-Chairman,   Bette Hood, Jeannie Rogers
Barbara Marshall
Mary Kay Barner
Judy Mullen
Carole Buskin
Rosalie Ogden
Jean Ann Carhart
Angie Olds
Phil Conley
Mona Schaeffer
Fran Dameron
Richard Scott
Logan Dameron
Victoria Shimp
Alcie Distefano
Judy Shubert
Suzanne Douglas
Flora Stubbe
Wayne Douglas
Linda Swain
Wiola Follett
Jeannie Van Lew
Jean Fraser
J Marjory West
Shelagh Fraser
Robert M. Wilbanks IV
Pat Freeman
Rhonda Wiley
Carolyn Grace
Algona Winslow
Betty Gregg
Judy Wulbrecht
John Haughn
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