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2023 Annual Seminars
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Friday, March 17, 2023
Friday Evening
Melanie Sturgeon
But Isn't Everything On-Line? Finding Your Ancestor in a Government Archives
Family history researchers have access to unprecedented numbers of on-line digitized records. However, there are hundreds of kinds of records that FamilySearch, Ancestry and others do not digitize.  This becomes evident the farther back you go on your family tree. Many of these non-digitized records reside in state and local government archives and are often the records that help break down those proverbial brick walls. This presentation discusses the kinds of records you will find in archives throughout the United States.
Location: LDS Inter-stake Center, 830 E. 2nd Avenue, Room 101, Mesa, AZ 85204
Saturday, 18 March 2023
8:00am-4:00pm Arizona time
Diana Elder
Pedigree Triangulation: A Key Methodology for Genetic Genealogy
Learn the power of pedigree triangulation in analyzing DNA matches and building your genetic family tree. Discover how to use company tools such as Ancestry’s Thrulines and MyHeritage’s Theory of Family Relativity to boost your efficiency and accelerate your discovery of common ancestors. We’ll discuss the basic steps of analyzing the amount of shared DNA, then building incomplete trees, and comparing surnames and locations.
Drew Smith
Introduction to GEDmatch  
GEDmatch is a free website that allows uploading raw DNA data from DNA testing companies so that the test data can be compared with data from tests taken at different companies. It also provides tools that may not be available at the original testing company. This presentation will focus on the basics of using GEDmatch to match relatives
Katherine R. Willson
The 1918 Influenza Pandemic and Its Effect on Our American Ancestors 

More Americans were killed by the global 1918 Influenza (Spanish Flu) Pandemic than in the Great War. This virus had tragic implications on our ancestors’ communities and in their own families. Review the timeline of the pandemic’s spread, the direct and indirect effect of this health crisis on individuals, and the sources to consult for a greater understanding of its impact. 
Diane L. Richard
Death Records by a Different Name 
Let’s discuss over 20 different places where we might find documentation of a death. We are not talking obituaries, cemetery records, probate records, death certificates and the records that most of us regularly pursue. We are talking of some of the many other records which might be created and document the death of your ancestors.

Curt Witcher
Using PERSI and Periodicals for Genealogy Research        
You may miss up to one third of source materials, leads, record copies, transcriptions, indices and the like if we ignore data in periodical literature.  Using periodicals supports the first point of the Genealogical Proof Standard— reasonably exhaustive research has been completed.
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LDS Inter-stake Center, 830 E. 2nd Avenue, Room 101, Mesa, AZ 85204
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