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From the Presidents Desk - May 2022
May 2022 President’s Letter

Can you believe it? The 1950 Census is available for all to see right on schedule as promised! This is a monumental census in that this is the first time us “baby boomers” are able to see ourselves, our parents and our immediate family in the census. How very exciting that is.

Since this was the first-time artificial intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition (OCR) was used, I encourage all to do your part to get the 1950 census index checked for accuracy and corrected if necessary. is looking for volunteers. It is self-explanatory on how you can help. You can choose a state to work on. Some states are open for checking each entry on the population schedule. Some states are open simply for checking the names as written by the enumerator.

Anytime you have a few minutes, you can sign in and help. With everyone helping, the accuracy of the index will be completed in record time. Follow the 1950 census entries on the website. Their user interface is simple and easy to use with little or no need for training. Even spending five minutes a day will help immensely.

When you’re not helping with the indexing effort, you should join our various chapter meetings that continue to meet monthly. The Avondale, East Valley, Paradise Valley, Tempe and of course the virtual chapter are all still meeting using Zoom. Our Fountain Hills chapter is meeting in person but also has an audience that joins the meeting using Zoom. Having virtual meetings provides the opportunity to get speakers from all over the United States or even internationally. We’ve got a great lineup over the next few months so don’t think we are taking the summer off.

Our FHSA objectives are to continue to provide our members with quality genealogy research education. Please check our website regularly for the listing of chapter meetings, the speakers and topics each will present.
Happy summer and good luck with your research.

Katie Gertz

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