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Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, and after reviewing CDC recommendations, the Family History Society annual meeting and seminar scheduled for March 20, 21, 2020 with speaker Maureen Taylor is changing from an in-person conference to a webinar. Maureen Taylor will still be our presenter, but she will be presenting live via the Internet. Participants can join the annual meeting via their computer or tablet using technology called ZOOM from the comfort of your own home.

Since we are not meeting in person, there will not be a Friday session, nor will there be a lunch for the Saturday meeting. Therefore, the fee for attending will be just $25.00 for members or non-members of FHSA. The three sessions scheduled for Saturday will be presented along with several live photo consultations. (If you have registered and would like to have one of your photographs analyzed live by Maureen Taylor please let us know. We have 3 free slots for a free photo review.)

The times of each session will vary slightly from what was originally planned, so check back on this website for more information. If you have already paid for the conference and do not have a computer at your disposal, or for whatever reason you do not want to participate, you have a few options. Please let us know how you want to proceed:

I WILL participate in Virtual Presentation ($25). Refund any meal and Friday night portion paid.
I WILL NOT participate in Virtual Presentation. Full Refund.

Please contribute my refund to the Family History Society of Arizona.

First Name: Last Name: Email Address:

The technology we will be using will provide the opportunity to ask questions and to see and hear Maureen Taylor clearly. We urge you to participate as you had originally planned only now you can learn more about your family photographs without fear about getting sick.

An internet link will be provided to all registries as we get nearer to the conference date. Feel free to contact us if there are additional questions.

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